Sakimwa Plumbing services

What we do

Water Proofing solutions

We offer application of water proofing solutions to flat roofs, concrete tanks, basements and concrete gutters to ensure there is no leakage in the applied surfaces.

Supply of all Plumbing Materials

Looking for Best Plumbing Materials in Kenya? then we are the best suppliers with guaranteed quality materials

Irrigation piping

Irrigation is a major part of farming that is why we ensure that your farm is well piped to ensure easy access to irrigation water.

solar Water Heater Installation

Our technicians have the required knowledge to install the solar heaters on the roofs

Water pump installation

Pumping water from a source might be difficult and thats why we offer installation of water pumps and the required piping to ensure that water reaches the destination as required.

Sanitary appliances

Toilets and sinks are a priority to our services and we ensure that they are installed properly.

Commercial and Residential Plumbing

Our years of experience in the residential, commercial and industrial plumbing give as the ability to see your job through from start to finish

Drainage and Sewer Cleaning

The drain and sewer lines lead waste water away from the home. Periodically they need cleaning to protect against clogging and backup. We give you a hand in maintaining them.

Piping, Fittings, Repair and Maintenance

Sakimwa plumbing services are experts in Piping, Fittings, Repair and Maintenance in commercial, industrial and residential homes  Our past experience and works is a clear testimony of what our team is capable of doing.

Other Services include: 

Tank Connections and Cleaning
Drainage Systems and Gutters
Bio Digester
Renovation Of Plumbing Works

Our past projects inspire us & reflect who we are to our clients

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how can i assist you 😃